Showcase of 10 Cyprus Sports Websites. Why most of them are so awful, and what to do about it?

Cypriots are known for the enthusiasm for football. Just take a look at the number of sports websites available: 10. And this figure without considering official websites of football teams,  fan clubs and other sports forums. Just the sports news websites!

We review these sports websites in terms of design, functionality, load speed and Search Engine Optimization. SEO concerns the ranking of a website in search engines (such as Google, Yahoo, etc.).

Here ‘s the list of sports websites in Cyprus:

  1. 24Sports
  2. Kerkida
  3. Politis-Sports
  4. Protathlima
  5. Sigma Live Sports
  6. Shootandgoal
  7. Sportnetcy
  8. Sportive
  9. Supermpala
  10. Sport-fm

In this article we take a look at the design and functionality aspect of the above sports web pages. In a subsequent article we will compare the load speed of the sites as well as their performance on search engines (Google and Yahoo).

Design και functionality of Cyprus sports websites


The design of 24sports is clean with a good composition of colors, essentially making the different components of the site (menus, main article, news, etc.) easy to find. The top menu which features the logos of the teams is used in nearly all of the Cyprus sports websites and its a great way to provide easy access to the team’s latest news. The main menu on the left is well designed and, correctly, there are more links for football. The ads are not too much and they don’t distract the reader. However the Google ads on the left and right (not shown in picture) are particularly annoying and do not blend with the website’s theme. All in all, the design of 24sports is simple and functional (gets the job done).

Kerkida was among the first sports websites in Cyprus and is highly preferred by Cyprus users. They have changed the design several times, but it looks like they haven’t found the right one yet. Τhe design features a dull and monotone gray all over, making the feeling of the website uninteresting. Moreover, because of this, the various sections of the site are hard to distinguish. On the other hand, what is good about kerkida is the nice font that makes it easy to read the articles. Additionally, the combination of yellow and white with gray background makes the reading easy. The top menu is easy to use but they could, however, devote more space to navigate. The ads are everywhere and with lots of animations: very distracting.


The sports page of Politis newspaper… takes us back to the beginning of this century. Take for example, the yellow background on the titles (text-background), the tabs on the right, the color palette, etc., etc. This is one of thos few cases where the advertisements are actually more interesting than the actual page.


In this sports website there is a nice blend of colors, making it easier to distinguish the titles of the text, as well as different sections of the page. The logo looks good and fits in with the rest of the design. On the other hand, there is hardly any empty space between the sections of the website, giving a crowded feel. “All you can eat” is probably not the best approach, as far as web design is concerned; in most cases this approach brings the opposite effect. It is best to follow the “less is more” approach, where less information is displayed less and there is enough empty space between the sections. A very good example of the use of empty space is Apple.

Sigma Live Sports

Sigma Live – Sports uses a simple design, pleasing to the eye. The contrast of red with white (for example in the headers) makes it easy to navigate. On the other hand all the sections have the same design (same background, same border). There could be a clearer distinction between the parts of the site by using different background color, font or border. Furthermore the small text (excerpt) for the articles, well its too small to make any sense. A slideshow/rotator of articles could be added instead of a single static featured article. Take a look at some impressive slideshows here.


The first thing I noticed about ShootandGoal are the colors: they don’t seem to fit together at all! But leaving aside the colors, the navigation is quite easy. There are appropriate sections for each sport and each article is accompanied by an image. The menu at the top of the group also offers easy browsing. Overall, the site has nothing special in terms of design, but nevertheless its readable.

Sportnetcy has very nice color combinations. Although they use different colors for each headers, somehow the colors blend well together. Also, the dark background in the list of articles (right column) directs the reader to the main articles. While other sites have chosen to place ads on the right column, Sportnetcy avoided this. This way, they can feature more articles without overloading the page.  The main section could be better if it featured less ads, but even with so many them, they don’t interfere with the content.

Sportive pretty much repeats the same mistake as with so many other websites: dull background, no empty space between the sections, wrong placement of ads, etc. You could say that the design is very common and reminiscent of many other sites. The navigation is not easy as there are only some simple categories (not even subcategories).


To Supermpala differentiates from the other websites in that it features three columns, with the big one on the left. It is good to diversify, but in this case its not for their benefit. In an effort to present more articles, the width of the left column is quite narrow, so they do not give sufficient emphasis on the main articles. In terms of navigation, the menu is very handy with appropriate subcategories. Finally, the palette of the colors chosen (red, blue), although overused, fits like a glove with the subject of the website.


As in the previous site, Super Sport FM uses 3 columns. In this case the result is tad better as the widths of the columns are more appropriately selected. As a result, the main articles stand out better than the previous case. On the other hand, the choice of colors and especially the choice of the blue gradient on the top, don’t look good. The icons for titles look cheap and offer nothing to the design. The main menu is very well organized, the fonts however could be bigger.

In summary, the feeling left from the above sports pages is that they are pretty much identical. Most of these sites, although functional, don’t feature anything special that would differentiate them from numerous template-based websites out there.  Take away the logo and the different colors they use, and you are left with identical websites.

In terms of functionality and ease of browsing the results are better. Most websites feature the basics for easy browsing (categories, subcategories, separation of featured articles from the rest, categorization, newsfeed, etc.), but some still fail.

Written by Panagiotis Panagi

Panagiotis Panagi (Google) is the Director and Lead Developer of Dynopia. Panagiotis holds a PhD. in Electrical & Computer Engineering and has been involved in Web Technologies for more than 10 years.

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